Divine Fractures of Enlightenment

Bleeding History Events

The second Nimkuom of Torment, in the span of 18,647

With the threats of the Morning and Evening Stars quelled, Elenalean now enters the aftermath of what happened, and the ensuing consequences. Though not everything was explained as to what happened, it can be said that those in top positions are well under way investigating. For all of your parts played, the only real recognition of it is from the divine; the government of the city and the university were strangely absent as far as you all could tell. Only by the intervention of Chevalier on the Morning Star and Ziohr on the Evening Star, was – for lack of a deeper understanding – the razing of Elenalean avoided.

Arvid, Ellionaray, Kelgor, and Turok both witnessed and took part in a battle of divine proportions fought in the Nobles’ District. While Chevalier fought an unknown entity above, they confronted the one known as Alalph Lyson, who claimed to be summoning The Fed Goddess. The battle was hard fought, as it was only by the grace of Chevalier that they survived Alalph’s devastating attacks long enough to fell her. And yet, defeat was not death for Alalph, but rather it was being consumed by the very thing she helped create.

Meanwhile, Mikka, Quis, Raz, Zeke, and Kur investigated the Academic District. Believing that Zizesh would appear at the mage tower of Thurodan, they quickly approached as things began to go sideways. Strangely enough, the magical securities of the district seemed to not be in effect, as everyone besides Quis were still in one piece despite entering the grounds uninvited. That being the case, they were able to find their way to the tower, revealed by Mikka’s scouting magic. There, they encountered a man who also claimed to be summoning The Fed Goddess into the land. Though when the group got ready to fight, the man was promptly replaced by a large demon of pestilence called a Baz’gazoth. Though it didn’t last as long as the fight in the nobles’ district, it was certainly just as grueling. The party, stricken with disease though not giving up, were saved as several divine figures with the heads of lions appeared, assisting in bringing the demon down. It too broke apart and was absorbed, but this time by the Evening Star. With their help, the party was cured of their potentially fatal illnesses. However, one of them got ahead of themselves, and attempted to slip away and into Thurodan’s tower while the lion-headed figures were distracted.

Kur, as you entered the tower, you would’ve been met with a cloying wave of malice. You wouldKur, as you entered the tower, you would’ve been met with a cloying wave of malice. You would be unable to tell what the source of this energy was coming from, other than it was somewhere within the tower. However, with your weaker constitution, you would not be able to withstand it for long. Try as you might to move through in search of gains to be had while things were in chaos, it would prove to be too much.
Whether you retreated by yourself, or by aid from the celestial lion-humanoids, you would be brought out before you could take anything, or indeed, learn anything of import. In either case, they would use Detect Thoughts on you to confirm your intentions, but seeing no evil, you would be brought back to the grounds of the academic district. From there, you would go on however you wished.

From that point, things would still be in relative chaos in Elenalean; the people were attacked in the streets by demons, the nobles’ district has been practically destroyed, the archmage’s tower is in shambles, and those who are supposed to be in charge are nowhere to be seen. But aid is being provided from the other cities. Relief workers from Ullyon, Bridulvik, Thalas, Meleth Themar, Dharn Kuldohr, and Rafe Ancalen can be seen coming and going, doing their best to bring things back to way the way they were. Even mages from the Holy Empire of Knights – the empire that Chevalier rules – have teleported in, offering assistance where they can.
For the time being, though classes in the university are still held, the administration and those still around that would be in a need-to-know basis are keeping silent. Officials from the other cities that are investigating the events, are acting similarly. Though the nobles – displaced or otherwise – and commonfolk discuss it, and though many theories and rumors fly around trying to explain what happened, nobody is truly aware of the inner workings of the entire ordeal. Or if they are, they aren’t speaking up.

What happened, and what happens going forward, is up to you to figure out.



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