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Reverie of Flowers

Reverie of Flowers Custom Traits

Accomplished Savant of the Guild Your starting wealth increases by 200 gp, and you may begin play with a kit worth 400 gp or less. Furthermore, choose one Craft, Knowledge, or Profession skill and gain a +2 trait bonus to it. Then choose one more Craft, Knowledge, or Profession skill and gain a +1 trait bonus to it. The chosen skills are also class skills for you.

Tenured Guide of the Guild Your starting wealth increases by 400 gp, and there is an Adventurer’s Chronicle book in circulation written by you. Choose from amongst your available knowledge skills that are class skills (including any class skills gained by other traits), and the book bestows a +4 circumstance bonus to the chosen knowledge skill when referenced. You begin play with a free copy of the book, and adventurer’s of the world may recognize whatever name you used to write it.

Former Pirate of Hastrana You gain a +2 trait bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks when dealing with pirates. Additionally, you gain a +2 trait bonus to Knowledge (Geography) and Profession (Sailor) checks, and one of these skills becomes a class skill for you. Lastly, you begin play with the hint of a possible location to a hidden pirate stash.

Blood of Brayh Shan Born or raised in Brayh Shan, you have grown accustomed to the harsh climes of the region. You are considered to always be under the effects of Endure Elements (this is an extraordinary effect), and you are treated one size bigger for the purposes of wind effects. Additionally, Survival becomes a class skill, and you gain a +4 trait bonus on Survival checks to avoid getting loss and to avoid natural hazards.

Ostrite Survivor You used to be one of the impoverished folk of the Ostror populace, and have learned how to live while making the best of bad situations. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves, and once per day you may roll either a survival check or sense motive check twice and take the better result. Additionally, choose either the poor, or the wealthy. If you chose the poor, you gain a +2 trait bonus on attack and damage rolls against known government officials or nobility. Gathering information in destitute areas, such as vice dens and poorer districts, takes you 1 hour (instead of 1d4 hours), and the attitudes of any destitute or impoverished NPCs you interact with begin one step closer to helpful. If you chose the wealthy, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks made to influence creatures whom you perceive as being wealthier or that have a higher social standing than yourself. Whenever you are in an area in which you have gathered information through Diplomacy in the last 24 hours, you gain an +2 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy and Intimidate checks. This bonus increases to +4 when dealing with government officials or nobility.

Citizen of a Free City Being from one of the free city-states, you are given a certain amount of freedom in other parts of the world. All three of these cities are dominant centers of trade, so you gain a +2 trait bonus to Appraise checks, and on Diplomacy checks for purposes of bargaining. Furthermore, you begin play with a ring worth 50 gp, with the crest of one of the three cities. This ring’s purpose is to signify you as a citizen or prior resident of the respective city. This gives potential exemptions or privileges when dealing with merchants of other states of the confederation. The free cities are Stedrekar, Dustorn, and Longdale.

Chevalier of Oslar Oslar is in a cold war with Ostror and Kosnocur. Never shirking their military budget and priorities, and due to the high population of wild horses in the nation, cavalry is the fundamental force of Oslar, extending to other exotic mounts being used as well. You gain Mounted Combat as a bonus feat, and this trait qualifies as the Mount class feature for the purposes of Monstrous Mount, using half of your character level as your effective druid level. If you already possess the Mounted Combat feat, you gain a +4 trait bonus to Ride checks instead. Lastly, Ride is always considered a class skill.

Cluiner Gatekeeper You were one of the mages who specialized in the conjuration magic needed for the day to day life in the cities of Acleivanis. Count half of your caster level again (rounded down) for the purposes of figuring the duration of summoning type spells, and the range of teleportation type spells.

Dusmic Sand Dweller The desert of Dusmurg is home to a community of genies that, over the past several hundred years, has come to associate and create bonds with the local citizens. You gain a genie as a familiar as a special kind of Arcane Bond ability. The type of genie must be one that is within two steps of your alignment. Consult here for all abilities and stats of the genie familiars. This trait fulfills the special prerequisite for taking the Daivrat prestige class.

Glish Miner The Glish Mountains may not be the largest in size, but rival the Fangs of Argul in Brayh Shan for the deepest; that means dwarven industry and mining. The Gliaton Excavation Company, though mostly ran by dwarves, opens its employment to any soul with the courage to traverse the large subterranean tunnels. As a former employee or contract worker of the company, you begin play with a random assortment of gemstones, amount (4d4+2) and types (1d100) rolled by the DM. Furthermore, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Knowledge (Dungeoneering) and Knowledge (Engineering) checks, and one of these becomes a class skill for you.

Custom Traits

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