House Rules

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Comprehensive List of Changes
Reverie of Flowers

Character Creation Rules

  • 25 point buy
  • After the point buy, you may allocate a single +1 inherent bonus to any score that was not affected by racial modifiers
  • Any core, featured, uncommon race, or any standard race from the More Races tab; except those banned below
  • 2 traits, 1 extra trait (not limited by one trait per category rule) at the cost of drawback that the DM chooses
  • 1 trait picked from a custom list (WIP)
  • 1st level max HP
  • 2nd level and beyond, roll 1d[half your HD]+[half your HD]; for example, 1d8 becomes 1d4+4
  • Characters starting in Divine Fractures of Enlightenment begin at level 1
  • Characters starting in Reverie of Flowers begin at level 3
  • There is no limit on alignment, but please know how to play the alignment, and don’t cry when there are consequences for your actions

House Rules


  • Svirfneblin
  • Gunslingers or archetypes that gives the character firearms; Bolt Ace archetype is fine
  • Master and Broodmaster Summoners
  • Occult classes
  • Vigilante class; archetypes to other classes from the book are fine
  • Leadership and Vile Leadership feats; a customized follower system replaces these

Banned in Reverie of Flowers

  • Drow, Duergar, Dhampir

Summary of Other Changes

  • A custom Shinobi class is available from 1st level; a traditional version of the ninja (WIP)
  • A custom race, the Shodan (WIP)
  • Using Poison and Disease rules from Unchained
  • Some custom feats for the Shinobi, as well as changes to existing ones to deal with feat tax
  • A few fixes for mechanically broken classes, such as the White-Haired Witch

Full list of the changes are Here.

3rd Party

Most 3rd party is banned, including Path of War and Psionics. However, below is a list that is readily available to all players.

  • Strange Revelation feat (in most cases)
  • Shang Gou combat style feats
  • The following Archetypes: Tovenaar magus, Blade Shifter fighter, Lord of Darkness antipaladin, War Genius investigator, Torture Master inquisitor
  • Unchained Ninja by Everyman Gaming, and the associated archetypes

Other 3rd party may be requested, but know that anything I allow will be available to all players (and is something I must consider).

House Rules

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